Call ahead, and order a pick-up, or bring the family in for a Thai Night Out!

(859) 586-1500

We’re anxious to have you try something unique on our menu of delicious, authenticate dishes from Thailand and Southeast Asia! But don’t worry if “spicy” doesn’t agree with your palate … our menu includes a range from very hot, to mildly-seasoned offerings that will appeal to everyone. Check out our menu pages!

 We offer lunch and dinners for both eat-in or carry-out. If you’re a

SUSHI FANATIC we prepare OVER FOUR DOZEN MAKI SELECTIONS! Plus a wide selection of sushi and sashimi items.

 Soups – Salads – Stir-Fry – Tempura – Curry Dishes  – Seafood – Chicken – Pork – Beef  and much more!



We accept credit card payment on orders of $15 or more


eat in

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