Thai spicy fish                                                                                                                  16.95

Crispy fried boneless fish fillet stir fried in spicy red curry served with snow peas, bell pepper, onions and bamboo shoots

Salmon Tamarind Sauce                                                                                              16.95

Pan fried salmon fillet over a stir fried medley of vegetables and top with sweet and sour tamarind sauce

Vermicelli Seafood                                                                                                       17.95

A fresh selection of seafood stir fried in sesame brown sauce served with an assortment of vegetables and vermicelli noodle

Golden Shrimps                                                                                                              16.95

Sautéed Vegetables with flavorful yellow curry powder sauce

Royal Seafood                                                                                                                17.95

Selection of fresh seafood stir fried in Thai roasted chili paste with bell pepper, onions, snow peas and carrots

Seafood with sweet basil                                                                                            16.95

Thai sweet basil stir fried with selection of seafood and assorted vegetables

Salmon Panang Curry                                                                                                  16.95

pan fried salmon with panang curry sauce over an assortment of steamed vegetables

Sweet basil duck                                                                                                            17.95

Tender roasted duck stir fried with an assortment of vegetables and finished with a basil sauce

Garlic soft shell crab                                                                                                  19.95

Crispy fried soft-shell crab in roasted garlic cilantro sauce

Roasted duck red curry                                                                                              17.95

Tender roasted duck simmered in a Thai red curry with pineapple chunks, bell pepper, and bamboo shoots