Excellent food!
Really enjoyed this little place. My husband and I shared the chicken satay appetizer and it was served hot with a nice peanut dipping sauce. I had the cashew chicken stir fry. Everything was very fresh and tasty. My husband had the red curry and asked for #10 heat. It was the first time the food was actually spicy enough for him! The food was as good as any fancy Thai restaurant we have tried. The service was quick and very polite. We definitely recommend Spice Thai.
DINER FROM CINCINNATIJohn Hempstead 1 Review
Fantastic food and service. Much better than the other Asian restaurants in the area. I have had Thai 6 times in my life at different places and I will say this was the best. I’ll be back!
Red Thai Curry // Pad Thai
DINER FROM CINCINNATIJennifer Lloyd Green 1 Review
Red Thai Curry // Pad Thai – When my husband says, “what should I pick up for dinner? How about SPICE?” … that is the greatest compliment! Afterall, I am the one with the more exotic taste…and after introducing him to Thai at the new eatery in Hebron, he can often be found sneaking over there for Pad Thai for lunch. The sushi is AMAZING, the dine in service is quaint … and the take out is becoming a habit with our family. Our kids love their Sweet & Sour Chicken Stir Fry!
Love it
My wife and I were excited to see the sign appear around Thanksgiving 2010. Everyday from then on, we watched for an “open” sign. Spice opened in December, and we ate there on day 3. The food was great and the people were friendly. Since then, we have had all the curries, pad thai, Sriracha chicken, stir fry dishes, fried rice, soups, sushi and appetizers. NEVER, have we had a meal that didn’t meet our expectations. ingredients are fresh and prepared by hand, not shipped in and processed.Our only regret, is that we moved and don’t get to Spice as often as we did when living in Hebron.

I ordered the Volcano Roll and it was amazingly delicious. It has the perfect amount of heat, coupled with the minced seafood on top that had a sweet, spicy taste. Second came the shrimp tempura roll, suggested by the man taking the order. A delicious suggestion. To finish off, I had a spider roll, 7 huge slices of sushi! Overall, amazing! I will definitely be back!
DINER FROM CINCINNATIRestaurant Expert 6 Reviews
The fish is fresh and priced right. The appetizer choices are perfect. This place has the best miso soup we have ever tried. Giant chunks of tofu in the soup, not the usual small bits that other restaurants serve. A place also should be judged on the staff and owners. I don’t care how great the food is, if the owners are jerks I won’t spend my money there (like Nicky’s Pizza and that’s why they are closed). The people at Spice are super friendly and appreciative of you. WE GO ONCE A WEEK ITS SO GREAT>
My husband and I ate here for lunch. We ordered the crab puffs to start. They were great. We were shocked to see they were made with real crab meat. We both ordered sushi. I ordered the shrimp California roll and my husband got a spicy tuna roll. All of the ingredients were fresh and tasted good. We will differently be visiting again.