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Thai Basil Stir fry

Thai basil stir fried with bell pepper, onions and bamboo shoots

Thai style sweet and sour Stir fry

cucumber, onions, tomato, bell pepper and pineapple stir fried in sweet and source sauce

Pepper garlic Stir fry

pepper garlic cilantro sauce served on a bed of lettuce

Ginger Stir fry

fresh shredded ginger, onions, mushrooms, carrots, bell pepper and scallions stir fried in light brown sauce

Thai spicy Stir fry

Thai red curry paste stir fried with broccoli, bamboo shoots, carrots, baby corn and bell pepper

Thai curry peanut sauce

creamy curry peanut sauce served on a bed of mixed vegetable

Sriracha Stir fry

snow peas, baby corn, carrots, bell pepper and onions stir fried in a lively red pepper sauce

Thai style cashew Stir fry

cashew nuts, snow peas, baby corn, carrot, onions and scallions stir fried in sweet chili paste